Hey there! My name is Jacob Eliett and I create customized music & sound for games, films, and all multimedia platforms.

I pretty much do anything sound and music related.

Are you a filmmaker in need of a music score?

Are you a game developer in need of custom music implementation?

In the sound department, I am a location sound recordist, boom operator, production sound mixer, re-recordist mixer, foley artist, sound designer, and post audio (dialogue & ADR) editor. I credit my music background for giving me a great ear for sound.

Regardless, for me, music is the icing on the cake or the cherry on top whichever you prefer.

Impact your audience with music from a passionate composer.

I realized composing was the path for me when I played violin and viola in a youth orchestra. 

Now I have a Bachelor of Music with a concentration in Film Music Scoring and a Master of Music Composition for Film and Media.

I have been composing for 6 years, creating distinct sounds.

I'm here to take a load off your shoulders and help your product sell.

Regardless of where you’re located, I have experience working remotely as a composer plus I’m available in LA, Vancouver, and Seattle.

Let's collaborate and make something phenomenal together.

Just send me a message and tell me about your project.


Jacob is a Music Composer and Sound Designer for games, films, animation and all multimedia platforms. 

Find him at the 2019 San Francisco Game Developers Conference (GDC) as a Conference Associate.

He was born in the suburbs of Detroit and grew up being exposed to the golden age of cinema and an array of musical styles. 

His love of music, theater, and film began at a young age, along with his desire to learn multiple instruments.

He realized composing was the path for him while playing violin and viola in youth orchestras, under conductor and mentor, Nan Washburn, of the Michigan Philharmonic.

During his time at the Seattle Film Institute, Jacob studied under the direction of several renowned Music Composers and Sound Designers, including Akash Thakkar of Destiny: Rise of Iron – Bungie and Hyperlight Drifter – Heart Machine. Two-time BAFTA-nominated Composer and Sound Designer, Ryan Ike, of Reigns: Game of Thrones – Nerial in partnership with HBO and Where the Water Tastes Like Wine – Dim Bulb Games. Plus, two-time Emmy Award Winning Film Composer, Hummie Mann of Mel Brook’s Robin Hood Men in Tights.

Jacob is a passionate composer who turned his love for film, theater, and music into a successful career.